Rezort Miami is a private studio house located in South Miami, FL. When you agree to the "Terms and Conditions", you agree to abide by the following rules:

  • No firearms, guns, knives or weapons of any kind allowed on or around the premesis. No excuses or exceptions.
  • DO NOT share our location or physical address on social media or any public platforms.
  • Maximum 3 GUESTS are allowed per booking, per room.
  • Video & photo is ok.
  • Sessions are active at all times. Please be respectful of all other studio rooms, whether they are occupied or not.
  • You DO NOT have authorization to enter a room that is not assigned to you (unless you are invited by it's occupant(s))
  • Rezort Miami LLC and its partners are not responsible or liable for any injuries incurred on the property.
  • Please keep backyard noise to a minimum between the hours of 8PM - 8AM.

BREACH or VIOLATION of any of these rules while at Rezort Miami may result in permanent termination of bookings and visitations.