Illmind & Don Mills

$350 / 12 hours

The best rates in Miami, FL

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A recording studio
in paradise

+10 Billion Streams
65x Platinum

by Illmind & Don Mills

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The Shark Room

Dive into the depths of creativity at The Shark Room – our studio space that embodies the power and precision of the ocean's apex predator.

The Gator Room

Step into The Gator Room, where the sun always shines on your musical endeavors. A tropical escape for artists seeking the perfect blend of comfort and innovation.

A Music Studio Paradise

Only $350 for a full 12 HOURS

Founded by Grammy Award winning platinum producers Illmind and Don Mills, this luxury studio house built on 1/2 an Acre is your perfect getaway to create the best music you could ever imagine.


The legendary writing camp April 3-8 2023 at Rezort Miami

A recording studio

Comfort + vibe

We built "REZORT" to feel like a true studio house. No cold stuffy rooms. In fact, quite the opposite.

Why visit "Rezort Miami"?


Anything can happen on any given day at Rezort Miami. Make beats, record your songs and potentially meet other creatives in the industry. A relaxing hub to let loose and be free.

Get heard

When you book a room at Rezort, you become family. You will be given the opportunity to submit your music to our founders Illmind and Don Mills. If they love your music, they will contact you.

Relax + Enjoy

Take a lunch break, order in, take a swim, hang out in the lounge for a bit, or have a smoke outside. Our home is your home for the day. Enjoy everything that The Rezort has to offer.

Rezort Miami

South Miami, FL

Mon - Mon 24/7